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Cross County Parkway (CCP) (NY-907K)

Yonkers - Mount Vernon

  Lanes   Exit-mile Direction Mount Vernon (Read down) Direction Yonkers (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_

Saw Mill River Pkwy, New York City, Albany

Go to Saw Mill River Pkwy  

Rumsey Rd, Yonkers

    3 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers      

Mile Square Rd

2-2 2-2   to EXITS 4N, 5, 6, 7 express lane ends      
2-2 2-2 4SN 4S: New York Albany, Central Park Ave   4SN: NY, Albany, Central Park Ave Go to I-87  
2-2 2-2 5 Kimball Ave, Midland Ave     Kimball Ave, Midland Ave      
2-2       to EXITS 4SN, 5      
2-2 6 Bronx Rv Pkwy, White Plains   Bronx River Pkwy, White Plains Go to Bronx River Pkwy  
2-2 7 West Broad St, Gramatan Ave          
2-2   express lane ends        
8 North Columbus Ave, Mount Vernon    
9 Hutchinson River Pkwy SOUTH, Whitestone Br   Go to Hutchinson River Pkwy  
10 New Rochelle Rd, Mount Vernon        
  Hutchinson River Pkwy NORTH Go to Hutchinson River Pkwy  
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