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New Hampshire (Blue Star Memorial) Turnpike: entire length

MA border, Seabrook - Portsmouth, ME border

  Lanes   Exit-mile Direction ME border (Read down) Direction MA border (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      MA   Interstate Go to I-95  
    New Hampshire Massachusetts   State border  
  -0 New Hampshire Welcome Center        
  1-1 Seabrook, Kingston    
  -5 New Hampshire Liquor Store New Hampshire Liquor Store      
      2-6 Exeter, Hampton, Hampton Toll Plaza Go to NH-101, Toll  
3-12 Portsmouth, Greenland    
3A-12   Pease International Tradeport, Bus Terminal, Park & Ride      
4-13 Newington, Dover, NH Lakes, White Mtns   Go to Spaulding Tpk/NH-16  
5-14 Portsmouth Circle Newington, Dover    
6-15 Woodbury Ave        
7-17 Market St, Downtown, Portsmouth Market St, Woodbury Ave      
  Piscataqua River Bridge 4,503 ft (1373m)   Piscataqua River  
  Maine New Hampshire   State border  
      ME   Interstate Go to I-95  
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