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Frederick E. Everett Turnpike

MA border, Nashua - Concord

  Lanes   Exit-mile Direction Concord (Read down) Direction MA border (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      MA   US Highway Go to US-3  
      New Hampshire Massachusetts   State border  

Spit Brook Rd, South Nashua

2-1 Hudson Daniel Webster Hwy, Hudson
Go to Nashua Circumferential Hwy
3-3   Daniel Webster Hwy, South Nashua    
4-4 East Dunstable Rd    
5EW-5 Nashua, Pepperell MA  
5A-5 Simon St      
6-6 Broad St, Hollis  
7EW-7 E: Nashua, Downtown
W: Amherst, Milfort
8-8 Amherst, Milford
  9-9 Hudson   Go to Nashua Circumferential Hwy, planned IC  
  10-10 Industrial Dr
  11-11 Merrimack
      12-15 Bedford Rd  
      -17 Bedford Toll Plaza   Toll station  
      3-3 Exeter, Portsmouth, Bedford, Milford Go to I-293, Go to NH-101  
      4-4 Queen City Ave, Second St  
      5-5 Granite Street, Downtown    
      6-6 Amoskeag St, Manchester Amoskeag St, Goffstown Rd    
      7-8 Hooksett    
      - Salem, Boston Go to I-93  
      11-29 Hooksett, Hooksett Toll Plaza
Toll station
  -31 Rest Area Rest Area    
    -36 Concord, Lebanon, White River Junction VT Go to I-89, Go to I-93  
Legend, Road signs
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