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Maine Turnpike: Exit 7 - Exit 103

NH border, Kitteny - Houlton, CDN-NB border

  Lanes   Exit Direction CDN-NB border (Read down) Direction NH border (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      NH   Interstate Go to I-95  
      Maine New Hampshire   State border  
      Piscataqua River Bridge 4,503 ft (1373m)   Piscataqua River  
    1 Dennett Road, South Elliot      
    2 Traffic Circle, Downtown Kittery, S. Berwick    
    3 Coastal Route, Kittery, S. Berwick      
      3 Rest Area        
      3   Weigh Station      
      6 Weigh Station        
      7 The Yorks, Ogunquit  
        York Toll Plaza   Toll station
      19 Wells, Sanford Toll
      25 Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Kennebunk Service Area (Mobil) Toll
      32 Biddeford Toll
      34 Saco Hotel and Conference Center      
  36 Saco, Old Orchard Beach Go to I-195
      42 Scarborough Toll
    44 South Portland, Downtown Portland   Go to I-295
    45 Maine Mall Road, Payne Road Go to Maine Turnpike Authority Approach Road
    46 Congress Street, Portland International Jetport Toll
    47 Rand Road, Westbrook Arterial Toll
    48 Westbrook, Portland Toll
    52 Falmouth, Freeport Go to I-495
    53 West Falmouth Toll
      58   Cumberland Service Area (Mobil)    
      58 Gray Service Area (Mobil)      
      63 Gray, New Gloucester Toll
v       New Gloucester Toll Plaza   Toll station
      75 Auburn  
      80 Lewiston  
      83   Lewiston Service Area (Mobil)    
      86 Sabattus, Lisbon  
      99 Gardiner Service Area (Mobil)      
v       Gardiner Toll Plaza   Toll station
      102 Gardiner, Litchfield    
      103 Gardiner, Brunswick Go to I-295
Augusta, Winthrop Augusta
      109A   Winthrop    
A: Augusta
B: No. Augusta, Belgrade
Augusta, Belgrade    
      113 Augusta, Belfast    
      117   Rest Area      
      120 Lyons Road, Sidney      
      127 Waterville, Oakland    
      130 Main St, Waterville Main St, Waterville, Winslow    
      132 Fairfield, Benton    
      133 Fairfield, Skowhegan    
        Kennebec River Bridge   Kennebec River  
      138 Hinckley Road, Clinton, Burnham      
      145 Rest Area Rest Area      
      150 Somerset Ave, Pittsfield, Hartland Somerset Ave, Pittsfield, Burnham      
      157 Newport, Dexter Newport, Skowhegan    
      159   Ridge Road, Newport, Plymouth      
      161 East Newport, Plymouth    
      167 Etna, Dixmont    
      174 Carmel, Winterporta    
      178 Rest Area, Visitor Info Center        
      178   Rest Area, Visitor Info Center      
      180 Cold Brook Road, Hermon, Hampden      
    182AB A: Bangor, Brewer
B: Hermon
Go to I-395  
    183 Hammond St, Airport  
    184 Union St, Airport Union St, Ohio St, Airport  
    185 Broadway Broadway, Bangor, Brewer    
    186 Stillwater Avenue      
    187 Hogan Road, Veazie Hogan Road      
      191 Kelly Road, Orono Kelly Road, Veazie      
      193 Stillwater Ave, Stillwater, Old Town Stillwater Ave, Stillwater, Orono      
      197 Old Town, Hudson Downtown Old Town, Hudson    
      198   Weigh Station      
      198 Weigh Station        
      199 Alton, LaGrange, Milo      
      217 Howland, LaGrange Enfield, Milo    
      227 Lincoln, Mattawamkeag Lincoln      
      243 Rest Area Rest Area      
      244 Medway, Millinocket Millinocket, Mattawamkeag    
      252 Scenic View of Mt. Katahdin        
      259 Benedicta      
      264 Sherman, Patten    
      276 Island Falls Island Falls, Patten    
      286 Oakfield Road, Oakfield, Smyrna Mills      
      291 Smyrna    
      302 Houlton, Presque Isle    
      305 Houlton, International Airport, Industrial Park, Visitor Info Center    
        US Customs   Border crossing  
New/Nouveau Brunswick
United States of America
  International border  
      NB CDN Primary Highway Go to NB-95  
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