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Autoroute de la Vallée-des-Forts

USA-VT border, Philipsburg - Chambly

  Lanes   Exit Direction Chambly (Read down) Direction USA-VT border (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      VT USA Interstate Go to I-89  
United States of America
  International border  
        Canada Customs   Border crossing  
      3 Philipsburg, Saint-Armand   Planned  
      6 Philipsburg Planned  
      15 Saint-Sébastien, Henryville, Bedford Planned  
      15 Saint-Sébastien, Henryville, Bedford Planned  
      27 Saint-Alexandre Planned  
      36 Iberville     Planned  
      1 Iberville    
      38   Iberville Planned IC  
      3 Iberville, St-Grégoire, Cowansville  
      6 Richelieu  
        Pont Félix-Gabriel Marchand   Rivière Richelieu
      7 Boul. du Séminaire, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu  
      9 Boul. Industriel, Boul. Pierre-Caisse, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu  
      11EO E: Route 223
O: St-Luc, La Prairie, Montréal via Route 104
      14 Ch. St-André      
      18E Sherbrooke, St-Luc via Chemin Grande-Ligne    
      18O Montréal Go to A-10  
        Boul. Fréchette      
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Note: Since the exit numbers currently start at 1 on the current section, they will all have to be changed once this southern section is constructed. Current numbers will likely be each increased by 37.
See also: Wikipedia - Quebec Autoroute 35, exitlists.com
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