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King's Highway

Clarington - Peterborough

  Lanes   Exit Direction Peterborough (Read down) Direction Clarington (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
        Kingston - Toronto Go to ON-401
        Lovekin Rd    
        Newcastle, Bowmanville  
        Concession Road 3, Newcastle  
        Concession Road 4    
          Main St, Orono  
        Concession Road 5      
        Station St    
        Tamblyn Rd, Orono Mill St, Orono    
        Concession Road 6  
        Concession Road 7, Bewdley  
      149 407 Toronto Go to ON-407, proposed IC  
        Concession Road 8   Future part of ON-407
          Concession Road 9   Exit to be canceled
        Wilcox Rd     Exit to be canceled
        Highway 35 NORTH / NORD, Lindsay Future part of ON-407  
        Clarington/Manvers Boundary Rd    
        Bethany, Pontypool    
        Tapley Quarter Line      
        Millbrook, Cavan    
        Fowlers Corners, Lindsay, Port Hope    
        Airport Rd Peterborough
        The Parkway     Peterborough
          Sir Sanford Fleming Dr Peterborough
        Bensfort Rd Peterborough
        Ashburnham Dr   Peterborough
    Lansdowne Rd, Television Rd, Ottawa    
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