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King's Highway

Barrie - North Bay

  Lanes   Exit Direction North Bay (Read down) Direction Barrie (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      104 400 Toronto Go to ON-400  
      105 Penetanguishene Rd, Crown Hill    
      109 Oro-Medonte Line 3    
        Oro-Medonte Line 5      
        Oro-Medonte Line 6, Guthrie      
      115 Oro-Medonte Line 7, Oro Station    
        Oro-Medonte Line 9      
      121 Oro-Medonte Line 11, Hawkestone    
        Oro-Medonte Line 14      
        Oro-Medonte Line 15, Forrest Home      
      129 Memorial Ave   Orillia  
      131 Old Barrie Rd Orillia  
      133 Coldwater Rd Orillia  
      135 Burnside Line, West St Orillia  
      136 Sundial Dr Carlyon Rd   Orillia  
      137   Laclie St   Orillia  
        Telford Line      
      146 Goldstein Rd South Sparrow Lake Rd    
        Trent Canal Bridge   Trent Canal  
      151 Washago    
      153 Coopers Falls Rd, Severn Bridge    
        Severn Bridge   Severn River  
      154 Southwood Rd    
          Rest Area ()      
      161 Kahshe Lake Rd Kilworthy Rd      
      169 Gravenhurst    
        Gull Lake Narrows Bridge   Gull Lake  
      175 Bethune Rd, Doe Lake Rd, Gravenhurst    
      182 Bracebridge    
      184 Cedar Lane    
      189 Taylor Rd, Bracebridge    
      191 Kirk Line      
          Rest Area ()      
      193 Cedar Lane    
      205 South Mary Lake Rd Level crossing, IC U/C  
      207 Rouseau, Parry Sound, Port Sydney    
      212 Allensville Rd, Rowanwood Rd   Level crossing, IC U/C  
      216 Gryffin Lodge Rd, Madill Church Rd   Level crossing, IC U/C  
        Rest Area ()        
      219 Aspdin Rd, Huntsville    
        The Narrows Bridge   The Narrows  
      221 Ravenscliffe Rd, Huntsville    
      223 Coveside Dr, Ottawa    
      226 Old North Rd    
      231 North Waseosa Lake Rd, Rockhaven Rd, Melissa      
      235 Novar    
      244 Fern Glen Rd, Scotia Rd, Scotia   Level crossing, IC U/C  
      248 Deer Lake Rd, Emsdale Level crossing, IC U/C  
      252 Doe Lake Rd, Three Mile Lake Rd, Katrine   Level crossing, IC U/C  
        King's Highway    
      257 Ferguson Rd, Burk's Falls Planned IC, open 2009  
      261 Ontario St, Burk's Falls   Planned IC, open 2009  
      266 Pevensey Rd   Planned IC, open 2010  
      271 Black Creek Rd, Robins Rd   Planned IC, open 2010  
      276 Parry Sound, Hartfell Planned IC, open 2008  
      284 Machar-Strong Boundary Rd, Tower Rd, Hartfell   Planned IC, open 2008  
      286 Ottawa Ave, South River   Planned IC, open 2008  
      291 South River   Planned IC, open 2008  
        King's Highway    
      294 Goreville Rd, Summit Rd      
      301 McFadden Line, Trout Creek    
      306 Hemlock Rd, Trout Creek    
      311 Proudfoot Rd   Level crossing, IC U/C  
      314 Chiswick Line, Purdon Line, Main St   Level crossing, IC U/C  
      316 Clark St, Powassan    
      319 Main Street, McCharne Line, Lindquist Line   Level crossing, IC U/C  
      324 Hills Siding Rd   Level crossing, IC U/C  
      329 Lake Nosbonsing Rd, Callander    
      338 Lakeshore Dr    
      344 Ottawa    
        North Bay    
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