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Gardiner Expressway

Toronto: QEW - Downtown

  Lanes   Exit Direction Downtown Toronto (Read down) Direction QEW (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  139   QEW, Browns Line Go to ON-427, Go to QEW  
    Kipling Ave, Islington Ave, Park Lawn Rd (forms collectors) (collectors merge into express)      
  2-3 3-2 141 Kipling Ave     Kipling Ave      
  2-3 3-2       Kipling Ave        
  2-3 3-2 142AB Islington Ave     Islington Ave      
  2-3       Islington Ave (forms collectors)      
  2-3 144 Park Lawn Rd          
    (collectors merge into express)        
      Park Lawn Rd   On-ramp  
  145 Lake Shore Boulevard    
      Lake Shore Blvd On-ramp  
      South Kingsway      
    Jameson Ave, Skydome Dunn Ave, Jameson Ave      
    Spadina Ave Spadina Ave, Lake Shore Blvd      
    York St, Bay St, Yonge St Yonge St, Bay St, York St, Toronto Island Harbourfront    
    Jarvis St Sherbourne St, Jarvis St, Skydome      
        Don Valley Parkway   Go to Don Valley Parkway  
        Lake Shore Boulevard      
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