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Trans Canada Highway

NB border, Amherst - Port Hastings

  Lanes   Exit-km Direction Port Hastings (Read down) Direction NB border (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      NB   Trans Canada Highway / Route transcanadienne Go to TCH-2  
        Nova Scotia/Nouvelle-Écosse New/Nouveau Brunswick   Provincial border  
      1-1 Fort Lawrence      
      2-2 Fort Lawrence Rd, LaPlanche St, Amherst    
      3-5 Victoria St, Amherst, Amherst Point    
      4-7 Albion St, Amherst, Nappan    
      5-30 Springhill, Salt Springs Station Go to NS-142  
      6-40 Oxford 321    
      7-49 Thomson Station, Wentworth Valley    
      8-59 Wentworth-Collingwood Rd, Wentworth Valley      
        Cobequid Pass Toll Booths   Toll station  
      10-83 Carrobie Rd, Great Village      
      11-89 Glenholme, Wentworth Valley    
      12-93 Masstown    
      13-98 McEllmon Rd, Lower Onslow, Debert      
      15-107 Truro, Stewiacke, Halifax Go to NS-102  
      17-116 Pictou Rd, Brookside Rd, Valley, Truro    
      18-126 Stevens Cross Rd, Kemptown      
      18A-133 Mount Thom    
      19-146 Salt Springs    
      20-155 Salter Rd, Alma      
      21-159 Truro Rd, Westville    
      22-161 Pictou, to PEI ferry Go to TCH-106  
      23-164 Westville Rd, New Glasgow 289    
      24-165 Foord St, New Glasgow, Stellarton 374    
      25-167 East River Rd, New Glasgow, Stellarton 348    
  26-170 Thorburn Rd, Thorburn, New Glasgow 347    
  30-210 Beaver Mountain Rd, James River      
  31A-219 Lower West River    
  31-221 James St, Antigonish    
  32-222 West St, Antigonish  
  33-223 Church St, Antigonish    
  34-226 Greenwold, Antigonish    
  36A-240 Heatherton    
  37-252 Monastery, Tracadie    
    St. Georges Bay Bridge   St. Georges Bay  
  38-262 Havre Boucher        
  38-263   Havre Boucher      
  39-270 Aulds Cove    
  40-271 Aulds Cove 344    
    Canso Causeway   Strait of Canso  
        Port Hastings Go to TCH-105  
        Proposed two-lane freeway Go to NS-104  
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