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Arterial Highway

Bedford - Yarmouth

  Lanes   Exit-km Direction Yarmouth (Read down) Direction Bedford (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
          to Dartmouth    
      1-0 Sackville Dr, Bedford Bypass, NS-102 Go to NS-102  
      2-3 Beaverbank Rd, Sackville 354    
      3A-11   Halifax Regional Municipality Sanitary Landfill      
      3-16 Mount Uniacke    
  4-37 St. Croix    
  5-44 Three Mile Plains    
  5A-47 Wentworth Rd, Windsor      
  6-49 Water St, Windsor      
    Avon River Bridge   Avon River  
  7-50 Falmouth    
  8-56 Hantsport    
  8A-61 Ben Jackson Rd, West Brooklyn      
      9-65 Avonport    
  10-68 Grand Pre    
  11-77 Greenwich Rd, Greenwich, Wolfville      
  12-83 New Minas Connector, New Canaan Rd, New Minas      
  13-87 Chester Rd, Kentville    
  14-91 Kentville, Coldbrook    
  15-105 Commercial St, Berwick 360    
  16-114 Victoria Rd, Aylesford      
  17E-123 Bishop Mountain Rd, Kingston        
  17W-125   Marshall Rd, Kingston      
  18A-133 Victoria Rd, Middleton        
  18-136 Brooklyn Rd, Middleton      
  19-144 Elliot Rd, Lawrencetown      
  20-156 Granville St, Bridgetown    
  21-160 Bridgetown 201    
  22-182 Lequille, Annapolis Royal    
  23A-196 Mary Jane Riley Rd, Cornwallis        
  23-200 Deep Brook    
    Bear River Bridge   Bear River
  24-202 Smith Cove Loop, Smith Cove    
  25-207 Smith Cove Loop, Old Post Rd, Joggins Bridge    
  26-210 Flat Iron Rd, Digby 303  
  27-233 Weymouth    
    River Bridge   River  
  28-240 St. Bernard 340    
  29-255 Little Brook Rd, Comeauville, Little Brook      
  31-270 Meteghan Connector, Meteghan      
  32-282 Salmon River Rd, Salmon River      
  33-291 Richmond Rd, Port Maitland      
  34-301 Ohio Rd, Hebron 340    
      35-308 Starrs Rd, Yarmouth Go to NS-103  
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