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A36 Circular Regional Interior de Lisboa (CRIL)

Algés - Sacavém

  Lanes   Exit Direction Sacavém (Read down) Direction Algés (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      1 Algés N6    
      2   Miraflores      
      3 Miraflores A5 Go to A5  
      4 Monsanto N117    
      5 Alfragide to N117    
      6 Buraca A37 Go to A37  
          A36 Planned motorway  
      8 Alfornelos A16 Go to A16  
      9 Odivelas   N250-2    
      10 Olival Basto A40 Go to A40  
      11 A8 A8 Go to A8  
        A8 A8 Go to A8  
      12 Sacavém A1 A12 E01 E80 Go to A1, Go to A12  

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Thanks to: Paulo Melo

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