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Pelješka brza cesta (unofficial road number)

Slivno - Doli

  Lanes   Exit Direction Doli (Read down) Direction Slivno (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      1 Pelješac A1 E65 Go to A1, Planned  
        Naplatna postaja Slivno   Toll station, Planned  
      2 Duboka 8 U/C*  
    Most Pelješac 2374m   U/C*  
    Tunel Kamenice 450m   U/C*  
    Most 500m   U/C*  
    Tunel 2170m   U/C*  
  3 Brijesta 69030 U/C*  
  4 Ponikve 414 U/C*  
  5 Prapratno 416 Planned  
    Tunel Ston 600m   Planned  
    Most Ston 1000m   Planned  
      6 Ston 8 Planned  
    Vijadukt Ploča 280m Vijadukt Ploča 200m   Planned  
        Naplatna postaja Doli   Toll station, Planned  
    Odmorište Doli     Planned  
    Vijadukt Petrovići 120m   Planned  
      7 Doli A1 E65 Go to A1, Planned  

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*Note: Whole section (excluding Pelješas bridge) = Date of opening unknown - works were stopped
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Martin Zedník

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