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Belfast-Dungannon Motorway

Belfast - Dungannon

  Lanes   Exit Direction Belfast (Read Up) Direction Dunganon (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
    A12 E01 E18 Go to A12  
1 Belfast (W) (S) Belfast (W) (S), Non-motorway traffic     E01 E18
2 Belfast (W) (S), Outer Ring A55, King's Hall Belfast (W) (S), Outer Ring A55, Newtownards, King's Hall A55   E01 E18
          E01 E18
      3   Dunmurry, Finaghy A1     E01 E18
      6 Lisburn (City centre), Saintfield A49 A49   E01 E18
      7   Lisburn, Sprucefield A1 A1 E01   E18
      8 The SOUTH, Dublin, Lisburn, Sprucefield A101 (A1) The SOUTH, Dublin, Newry A101 (A1) A101   E18
      9 Moira A3, International Airport, Antrim A26 A3 A26   E18
      10 Craigavon (Lurgan) A76 A76 B76   E18
      11 Craigavon, Portadown M12 Craigavon (Portadown), Armagh M12 M12 Go to M12  
      12 Craigavon (Portadown) A4 A4 B196    
      13 Loughgall B131 B131    
      14 Moy B106, Coalisland A45, Services A45 B106    
      15 Dungannon, Armagh A29, Non-motorway traffic Armagh, Dungannon A29 A29    
          A4 Go to A4  

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