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Birmingham North Relief Road

Birmingham - Cannock

  Lanes   Exit Direction Birmingham (Read Up) Direction Cannock (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  3A London (N & E) (M1), Coventry (N & E) M6   M6 E24 Go to M6  
  7A The SOUTH WEST (M5), London (S & W) (M40), Birmingham (S) NEC & Airport   M42 E05 Go to M42  
      On-ramp from M6 M6   E05
  T1   The NORTH EAST (M1), Tamworth M42 M42 Go to M42 E05
      On-ramp A4097   E05
  T2 Coleshill (M42 North) A446   A446 A4091   E05
  T3 Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield A38 Sutton Coldfield A38 A38 Toll E05
      Toll Plaza     Toll station E05
  T4 Tamworth (M42 North) A5 Burton, Lichfield A38, Tamworth A5 A5 A38 Go to A5, Toll E05
  T5 Lichfield A5148, Burton (A38)   A5148 Go to A38 via A5148, Toll E05
  T6 Brownhills, Burntwood A5195 A5195 Toll E05
    Norton Canes Services     E05
        Toll Plaza   Toll station E05
  T7   Walsall, Cannock A34, Rugeley A460 A5 A460   E05
  T8   Wolverhampton (M6 South) A460 A460   E05
  11A   The NORTH WEST, Stafford, Telford M6 M6 E05 Go to M6  

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