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Lancashire-Yorkshire Motorway

Liverpool - North Cave

  Lanes   Exit Direction Liverpool (Read Up) Direction North Cave (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
4   A5080 E20    
5 Knotty Ash, Huyton A5080 Huyton A5080 A5080   E20
  6 Liverpool (S) & Airport A5300, Huyton A5080  - Southport M57 Runcorn & (M56) A5300 - Prescot M57 M57 A5300  A5080 Go to M57-A5300 E20
  7 Widnes A557, Prescot A57, St Helens A570 St Helens A570, Warrington A57, Widnes A557 A57 A557 A570 Go to A557 E20
  8 Warrington (W) (A574), Burtonwood Services     E20
  9 Warrington, Newton A49 Warrington (C), Newton A49 A49   E20
  10 Preston, Birmingham, Chester (M56) M6 Preston, Birmingham, Manchester (S) & Airport M6 M6 E05 E22 Go to M6 E20
  11 Warrington (E), Birchwood A574 A574   E20 E22
          E20 E22
      12   Ring Rd (S & E), Airport M60 - Salford, Manchester (C) M602 - Ring Rd (N), (M66), Bolton (M61), Leeds (M62) M60 E20 E22 M602 Go to M60, Go to M602  
  18 Ring Rd (S & E), Airport M60 - Ring Rd (W), Salford, Bolton (M61), L'pool (M62), B'ham (M6) - Bury, Blackburn M66   M60 E20 E22 M66 Go to M60, Go to M66  
    Birch Services Birch Services     E20 E22
  19 Middleton, Heywood A6046 A6046   E20 E22
  20 Rochdale, Oldham A627(M) A627(M) Go to A627(M) E20 E22
  21 Milnrow, Shaw A640 A640   E20 E22
  22 Saddleworth A672 Ripponden, Saddleworth A672, Sowerby Bridge (A58) A672   E20 E22
  23   Huddersfield A640 A640   E20 E22
  24 Huddersfield, Halifax A629 A629 Go to A629 E20 E22
      A629   E20 E22
  25 Brighouse A644, Huddersfield (A62) Brighouse, Dewsbury A644 A644   E20 E22
    Heartshead Moor Services Heartshead Moor Services     E20 E22
  26 Bradford M606, Halifax A58 Bradford M606, Airport, Cleckheaton A638 M606 A58 A638 Go to M606 E20 E22
  27 Bradford A62 (A650), Leeds M621 Leeds M621, Batley (A62), Morley (A650) M621 A62 A650 Go to M621 E20 E22
  28 Leeds & Airport, Dewsbury, Batley A653 Leeds, Dewsbury A653 A653 A650   E20 E22
          E20 E22
  29 London, Leeds, Wakefield (M621) M1 London, Wakefield M1 - The NORTH M1 M1 Go to M1 E20 E22
  30 Rothwell, Wakefield A642 A642   E20 E22
  31 Castleford, Normanton A655 A655   E20 E22
  32 Pontefract, Castleford A639 A639   E20 E22
  32A A1(M) The NORTH, Wetherby A1(M) The NORTH, The SOUTH A1(M) E15 Go to A1(M) E20 E22
      A1(M) E15   E20 E22
  33 The SOUTH A1, Pontefract (A645), Ferrybridge Services Ferrybridge & Ferrybridge Services A162 A162 Go to A162 E20 E22
  34 Selby, Doncaster A19 A19   E20 E22
  35 The SOUTH, Doncaster M18, Scunthorpe (M180) The SOUTH M18, Scunthorpe (M180) M18 E22 Go to M18 E20
  36 Goole A614 A614   E20
    Ouse Bridge     E20
  37 Howden A614, Selby A63 Bridlington, York, Howden A614 A614   E20
      38 Newport B1230, Non-motorway traffic North Cave, Gilberdyke B1230 B1230   E20
          A63 E20 Go to A63  

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