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Mid-Wirral Motorway

Wallasey - Chester

  Lanes   Exit Direction Cheadle (Read Up) Direction Mollington (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      Kingsway Tunnel   A59 Go to A59  
      All Docks A5139   A5139    
    1 Wallasey, Birkenhead A554   A554    
  2 Hoylake, West Kirby A551 A5027    
  3 Birkenhead A552 Birkenhead, Heswall A552 A552    
  4 Clatterbridge, Heswall, Bebington A5137 Bebington, Bromborough, Clatterbridge, Neston A5137 A5137 B5137 B5151    
      5 Birkenhead, Queensferry A41 NORTH WALES, Queensferry, Eastham A41 A41    
      6 Vauxhall (cars only), Eastham Oil Terminal B5132    
      7 North Road Industrial Estate, Overpool, Whitby B5132 B5132    
      8 Netherpool & Rossmore Industrial Estate, Docks A5032 B5463    
      9 Ellesmere Port (C) A5032 Ellesmere Port (C), Stanlow A5032 A5032    
      10 Queensferry, Stanlow A5117 A5117    
      11 Runcorn, Airport, Warrington, M'way M6 & Manchester M56 Runcorn, Warrington, M'way M6 & Manchester M56 M56 E22 Go to M56  
      12 Chester, Helsby A56 Chester A56 A56    
          A55 Go to A55  

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