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First Severn Crossing

Olveston - Magor/Magwyr

  Lanes   Exit Direction Olveston (Read Up) Direction Magor/Magwyr (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      21 London, Bristol M4   M4 E30 Go to M4  
      1 Avonmouth A403, Severn View services A403 B4461    
          Severn Bridge Toll/Tollau Pont Hafren   Toll station  
        Severn Bridge/Pont Hafren 1600m (5240ft)      
        Wye Bridge/Pont Gwy 408m (1340ft)      
      2 Chepstow/Cas-gwent A466 (A48) A466    
      23   Cardiff/Caerdydd, Newport/Casnewydd M4 M4 E30 Go to M4  

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