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Birmingham-Nottingham Motorway

Bromsgrove - Kegworth

  Lanes   Exit Direction Bromsgrove (Read Up) Direction Kegworth (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      4A The SOUTH WEST, Worcester M5 (S) - The NORTH WEST, Birmingham (W, N & C), Stourbridge (M6) M5 (N)   M5 Go to M5  
  1 Bromsgrove A38   A38 B4096    
  2 Birmingham (S) A441, Hopwood Park services A441    
  3 Birmingham (S), Redditch, Evesham A435 A435 Go to A435  
      3A London, Warwick, Stratford M40 M40 E05 Go to M40  
  4 Shirley A34 A34 A3400   E05
  5 Solihull A41 A41 A4141   E05
  6 Birmingham (E), Station, Airport, NEC, Coventry (S & W) A45 A45   E05
  7&7A   7 The NORTH WEST, Birmingham (C & N) M6 (N)
7A London, Coventry M6 (S)
M6 Go to M6 E05
  7A London (N & E) (M1), Coventry (N & E) M6   M6 Toll Go to M6 Toll E05
  8 Birmingham (C, E, N & W) M6 (N)   M6 Go to M6 E05
  8A   The NORTH WEST, Cannock, Lichfield M6 Toll M6 Toll E05 Go to M6 Toll  
      9 The NORTH WEST M6 Toll, Coleshill A446, A4097 A4097, A446 A446 A4097    
      10 Nuneaton, Tamworth A5, Lichfield (A38), Tamworth services Nuneaton, Tamworth A5, Tamworth services A5 Go to A5  
      11 Nuneaton A444 Burton-upon-Trent, Measham A444 A444 B5493    
      12 Snarestone, Maesham B4116 Snarestone B4116, Ashby B4116    
      13 Ashby, Burton, Coalville A511 Ashby, Coalville, Leicester A511, Loughborough A512 A511 A512    
      14   Castle Donington A453 A453    
      23A   East Midlands Airport, Nottingham (S), Derby (A6) A453 A453    
      23A   The NORTH, Nottingham (N) M1 M1 E13 Go to M1  

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