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London-Southampton Motorway

Sunbury - Southampton

  Lanes   Exit Direction Sunbury (Read Up) Direction Southampton (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  1 Staines, Kingston, Sunbury A308 A308    
  2 M25 (M4, M40) Heathrow, Watford, Staines A30 - M25 (M23, M20) Gatwick, Dartford, Woking (A320) M25 Go to M25  
  3 Woking, Blacknell, Lightwater A322 A322    
  4 Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Farnborough, Aldershot A331 A331 Go to A331  
  4A Farnborough (West) A327, Fleet (A3013) A327    
    Fleet services Fleet services      
  5 Hook (B3349) A287 A287 B3349    
  6 Basingstoke, Newbury, Alton A339, Reading (A33) Basingstoke, Alton A339 A339    
  7 Basingstoke A30 A30    
  8   The SOUTH WEST, Andover, Salisbury A303 A303 Go to A303  
        Winchester services Winchester services      
      9 The Midlands, Newbury A34 Winchester A272 A34 E05 A272 Go to A34  
  10 Winchester (City) (B3330), Alton A31   A31 B3330   E05
  11   Winchester A3090 A3090 B3349   E05
  11 Winchester (South & West) A3090   A3090   E05
  12 Eastleigh (North) A335 Eastleigh (North), Chandler's Ford A335 A335   E05
  13 Eastleigh (North), Chandler's Ford A335 Eastleigh A335 A335   E05
      So'ton Docks, Bournemouth M27 West M27 E05 Go to M27 West  
  14   Southampton A33 A33    
      Airport, Portsmouth M27 East M27 Go to M27 East  

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Thanks to: Efthymios Athanasopoulos
See also: Wikipedia - M3 motorway, CBRD - Motorway Database - M3

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