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South Humberside Motorway

Thorne - Elsham

  Lanes   Exit Direction Thorne (Read Up) Direction Elsham (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
    5 The SOUTH, Doncaster M18 (M1) - Doncaster (North) Services - The NORTH, Leeds, Hull M18 (M62)   M18 E22 Go to M18  
  1   Bawtry A18 (A614) A18 A614   E22
  2 Gainsborough A161 Gainsborough, Goole A161 A161   E22
    Trent Bridge     E22
      3 Scunthorpe M181 Scunthorpe West & Centre M181 M181 Go to M181 E22
      4 Lincoln A15, Scunthorpe A18 Scunthorpe, Lincoln A15, Brigg A18 A15 A18   E22
      5 Humber Bridge, Hull A15, Brigg, Airport A18 Humber Bridge, Hull A15, Airport A18 A15 A18 Go to A15 E22
          A180 E22 Go to A180  

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