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London-Cambridge Motorway

London - Cambridge

  Lanes   Exit Direction London (Read Up) Direction Cambridge (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
    4 N Circular A406 (S), (A12, A13) Central London, Docklands - N Circular A406 (W), (A10, A1), Walthamstow (A503)   A406 Go to A406  
    Chigwell services Chigwell services   Planned  
  5   Loughton A1168 A1168    
      6 (M20, M23) Gatwick Airport, Dartford Crossing M25 - (M1, M4) Watford, Heathrow Airport M25 M25 E15 E30 Go to M25  
  7 Chelmsford, Harlow A414 Harlow A414 A414 B1398    
  8   Bishop's Stortford A120 (W), Birchanger Green services A120 B1256    
      8A   Stansted Airport, Colchester A120 (E) A120 Go to A120  
      8 Stansted Airport, Colchester A120, Bishop's Stortford, Birchanger Green services   A120 B1256    
      9   Newmarket, Norwich A11 A11 Go to A11  
      10 Saffron Walden, Duxford A505, Haverhill (A1307) Royston, Duxford A505 A505    
      11 Royston A10, Cambridge (S) A1309 Cambridge (S) A1309, Harston A10 A10 A1309    
      12 Cambridge, Sandy A603 A603    
      13   Cambridge A1303, Bedford (A428) A1303    
      14   Newmarket A14 (E), Ely (A10) - The MIDLANDS (The NORTH), Huntingdon (A14) A14 E24 A428 Go to A14  

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