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London-Yorkshire Motorway

London - Garforth

  Lanes   Exit Direction London (Read Up) Direction Garforth (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
1 N Circular A406 East, Central London, Brent Cross - N Circular A406 West (A40, M4), Wembley   A406 Go to A406  
  2 Central London (The City), Holloway (N Circular A406 East) A1   A1    
    London Gateway services London Gateway services      
  4 Harrow, Edgware A41   A41    
  5 Watford A41 (M25 West) Aylesbury, Watford A41 A41 A4008    
  6 North Watford A405 (M25) St Albans A405 A405    
  6A (M11, M20) Stansted Airport, Dartford M25 - (M40, M4, M3) Heathrow Airport M25   M25 E30 Go to M25  
      8 Hemel Hempstead A414     E13
  2-4 4-2 7 St Albans, Hatfield A414       A414 Go to A414 E13
  2-4 4-2 8 Hemel Hempstead A414     Hemel Hempstead A414 A414   E13
    7&8 Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Hatfield A414       E13
  9 Dunstable A5, St Albans (North) A5183 Dunstable A5, Redbourn A5183 A5 A5183   E13
  10 A1081 Luton (South), Luton Airport A1081   E13
  11 Luton Central, Dunstable A505 Luton, Dunstable A505 A505   E13
    Toddington services Toddington services     E13
  12 Flitwick, Houghton Regis A5120 Flitwick, Woburn A5120 A5120   E13
  13 Bedford A421, Woburn, Ampthill A507 Milton Keynes (South), Bedford A421, Ampthill A507 A421 A507 Go to A421 E13
      A421   E13
  14 Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell A509 A509   E13
    Newport Pagnell services Newport Pagnell services     E13
  15 Northampton, Wellingborough A45, Kettering (A43) Northampton, Wellingborough A45 A45 A508 Go to A45 E13
  15A Oxford (M40) A43, Northampton services Northampton, Oxford (M40) A43, Northampton services A43   E13
  16 Northampton (West) A4500 Daventry A45 A45 A4500   E13
    Watford Gap services Watford Gap services     E13
  17   M45 Coventry (South) M45 Go to M45 E13
  18 Daventry A428 (A361), Rail Freight Terminal Hinckley A5, Rugby A428, Rail Freight Terminal A428   E13
  19   M6 The NORTH WEST, Coventry (North), Birmingham M6 E24 Go to M6 E13
  19 Felixstowe, Corby, Kettering A14 M6   A14 E24 Go to A14 E13
  20 Lutterworth A4303, Rugby (A426) Lutterworth A4303, Market Harborough A4304 A4303 A4304   E13
  21 Birmingham, Coventry M69, Leicester A5460 Coventry M69, Leicester A5460 M69 A5460 Go to M69 E13
    Leicester Forest East services Leicester Forest East services     E13
  21A   Leicester, Newark A46 A46 Go to A46 E13
  22 Leicester A50, Coalville A511 Ashby, Coalville A511 A50 A511   E13
  23 Loughborough, Ashby A512 Loughborough A512 A512   E13
  23A   East Midlands Airport A453, Stoke (A50), Derby (A6), Donington Park services A453   E13
  23A The SOUTH WEST, Tamworth, Birmingham (M42) A42   A42 Go to A42 E13
  24 East Midlands Airport A453, Loughborough A6, Donington Park services Nottingham (South) A453 A6 A50 A453   E13
  24A Stoke, Derby A50   A50 Go to A50 E13
  25 Nottingham, Derby A52 Nottingham, Derby, Ilkeston A52 A52 Go to A52 E13
    Trowell services Trowell services     E13
  26 Nottingham, Ilkeston A610 Ripley, Nottingham A610 A610 Go to A610 E13
  27 Heanor, Hucknall A608 Mansfield A608 A608   E13
  28 Derby A38, Matlock (A615) Mansfield, Matlock A38 A38 B6091 Go to A38 E13
    Tibshelf services Tibshelf services     E13
  29 Mansfield A617, Matlock (A632) Chesterfield A617 A617 A6175 Go to A617 E13
  29A Markham Vale A6192, Bolsover (A632) A6192   E13
  30 Chesterfield, Newark A616 Sheffield (South) A6135, Worksop (A619) A6135   E13
    Woodall services Woodall services     E13
  31 Worksop A57 Sheffield (Southeast) A57 A57   E13
  32 The NORTH, Doncaster, Hull M18 M18 E13 Go to M18  
  33 Sheffield (Centre), Rotherham A630 A630 Go to A630  
  34   Sheffield (Meadowhall), Rotherham A6178 A631 A6178    
    Tinsley Viaduct 1033m (3400ft)      
  34 Sheffield (Meadowhall), Rotherham A6109   A6109    
  35 Rotherham A629 A629    
  35A   Manchester A616 A616    
  36 Sheffield (North) A61 Barnsley (South) A61 A61    
  37 Manchester, Barnsley A628 A628    
  38 Huddersfield A637 A637    
    Woolley Edge services Woolley Edge services      
  39 Denby Dale A636 Wakefield A636 A636    
  40 Wakefield, Dewsbury A638 Batley, Dewsbury, Wakefield A638 A638    
  41 Wakefield, Morley A650 Wakefield A650 A650    
  42 Hull, Pontefract M62 (East) - Manchester, Bradford M62 (West) M62 Go to M62  
  43   Leeds (Centre) M621 M621 Go to M621  
  44 Leeds (South) (M621) A639 Leeds (South) A639 A639 B6481    
  45 Leeds (Centre)      
  46 Leeds (East) A6120 Leeds (East & Airport) A6120, Selby A63 A63 A6120    
  47 Castleford A656, Garforth A642 Garforth, The SOUTH (A1) A642 A642 A656 B1217    
  48   The NORTH, Wetherby, York (A64) A1 A1(M) E15 Go to A1(M)  

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