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Weston Point Expressway: M56 - Runcorn
Queensway: Runcorn - Widnes
Watkinson Way: Widnes - Rainhill

Runcorn - Rainhill

  Lanes   Exit Direction Runcorn (Read Up) Direction Rainhill (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      Warrington M6, Manchester M56 - North Wales, Chester M56, Frodsham A557 (A56)   M56 E22 A557 Go to M56  
      Northwich A533 Runcorn Town Centre, Northwich A533 A5126 Go to A5126  
      Rocksavage Power Plant and Works, Weston Village, The Heath      
      Weston Point, Catner Kellner, Weston Docks      
      Riverside College, Runcorn Campus, Westfield, Runcorn Station      
  Runcorn, Northwich A533 Bridgwater Expy, Runcorn Town Centre A533 A533 Go to A533  
  Silver Jubilee Bridge 482m (1582ft)     A533
    Liverpool A562, Airport (M62 West, M57) A533 Go to A533  
    Waterloo Centre, West Bank, Widnes South      
  Widnes South, Liverpool, Airport A562   A562    
    Warrington - Widnes Town Centre A562    
        Widnes North A5080 A5080    
          Sutton Manor, Clock Face B5419 A5419    
        Warrington A57 - Manchester M62 (M6) - St Helens A570 - Prescot A57 - Liverpool M62 M62 E20 A57 A570 Go to M62  

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