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Cirencester - Gloucester

  Lanes   Exit Direction Cirencester (Read Up) Direction Gloucester (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
          A419 Go to A419  
          Cirencester, Stroud A419, Tetbury (A433) A419    
        Cirencester, Stow A429, Lechlade (A417), Services Cirencester, Stow A429, Services A429    
        Stratton, Daglingworth, Bagendon, Perrott's Brook Daglingworth, Bagendon, Perrott's Brook      
        Duntisbourne Leer      
          Winstone, Duntisbourne Abbots      
        Duntisbourne Abbots        
        Syde, Winstone, Elkstone      
      Cowley, Caudle Green, Brimpsfield      
        Cheltenham, Stroud A46 A46    
      11A The SOUTH WEST, Bristol (M5) The SOUTH WEST, Bristol (M5), Gloucester Business Park - The MIDLANDS M5 M5 Go to M5  
          Gloucester A417 - Brockworth, Hucclecote, Gloucester Business Park A417    

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