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Westway, Western Avenue

London - Denham

  Lanes   Exit Direction London (Read Up) Direction Denham (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  London A40    
        Paddington A404, The NORTH (M1), Kilburn A5 A5 A404    
      Marylebone Flyover      
        Kensal Rise, Paddington A404 A404    
      Westway Flyover 2.5mi (4km)      
      West End, Paddington, (Ring road South)        
  Westway Flyover      
      Hammersmith, Shepherd's Bush, White City, Earls Court A3220 Hammersmith, Shepherd's Bush, White City A3220 A3220 Go to A3220  
  Westway Flyover 2.5mi (4km)      
  Harlesden, White City A219   A219    
    Local accesses Local accesses   Traffic lights  
  East Acton      
    Harlesden, Willesden Green, Acton A4000, Park Royal (E & N) (B4492) A4000    
  Harlesden, Willesden Green, Acton A4000, Park Royal (E & N)   A4000    
  Oxford, Uxbridge A40, N Circular A406        
    Kendal Avenue, Leisure Complex      
  Park Royal (C), Central Middlesex Hospital North Circular A406 (M1, M4, A41, A1), Wembley, Ealing A406 Go to A406  
      Hanger Lane Tunnel 241m Hanger Lane Tunnel 241m      
  North Circular A406 (M1, A41, A1), Wembley, Ealing, Park Royal (N & W)   A406 Go to A406  
  Perivale B452    
  Harrow, Sudbury, Greenford A4127 A4127    
  Long Drive Industrial Estate   B4027    
    Northolt A312 Heathrow Airport, Hayes, Southhall, Yeading A312 A312    
    Heathrow Airport, Hayes, Southhall, Yeading A4180 Ruislip A4180 A4180    
      Hillingdon A437, Ruislip, Ickenham B466 A437 B466    
    Hillingdon A437, Ruislip, Ickenham B466   A437 B466    
    Uxbridge, Harefield, Ruislip, Ickenham B467 Uxbridge, Harefield, Ickenham B467 B467    
    M40 Go to M40  

Waterstock - Oxford

  Lanes   Exit Direction Waterstock (Read Up) Direction Oxford (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      8 London, High Wycombe M40   M40 Go to M40  
        Aylesbury, Thame A418, Birmingham (M40), Oxford services Aylesbury A418, Oxford services A418    
        Wheatley, Holton, Waterperry        
        Islip B4027   B4027    
        Forest Hill        
      Oxford A40    

Witney Bypass: Witney - Minster Lowell

  Lanes   Exit Direction Witney (Read Up) Direction Minster Lowell (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
          Witney East B4022 B4022    
        Witney, Abingdon A415 Witney, Abingdon A415, Faringdon (A4095) A415    
          Carterton, RAF Brize Norton B4477, Minster Lovell B4477    
        Minster Lovell B4047 - Cheltenham A40 A40 B4047    

Ross-on-Wye - Abergavenny/Y Fenni

  Lanes   Exit Direction Ross-on-Wye (Read Up) Direction Abergavenny/Y Fenni (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
    4 Ledbury A449 - The MIDLANDS, Worcester M50 (M5)   M50 A449 B4221 Go to M50  
        Ross Spur services Ross Spur services     A449
      Ross-on-Wye - Gloucester A40 A40 B4234    
        Bridstow Bridge      
      Hereford A49 - Ross-on-Wye B4260 A49 B4260    
        Hereford A4137, Goddrich (B4229) A4137 B4229    
        Whitchurch, Symonds Yat (West) B4164    
        Symonds Yat services        
        Ganarew, Crockers Ash, Doward, Lewstone B4164    
    Monmouth/Trefynwy A466 A466    
  Monmouth/Trefynwy A466 Chepstow/Cas-gwent A466, Forest of Dean (A4136) A466    
      Trellech, Monmouth/Tryfynwy B4293 B4293    
      Twnnel Gibraltar Hill Tunnel 185m Twnnel Gibraltar Hill Tunnel 185m      
        Services/Gwasanaethau Services/Gwasanaethau      
        Newport/Casnewydd A449 (M4) Newport/Casnewydd A449, Cardiff/Caerdydd (M4) A449 Go to A449  
      Mitchel Troy, Dingestow - Raglan/Rhaglan      
        Castle Raglan/Castell Rhaglan        
      Clytha - Raglan/Rhaglan - Gwehelog A49 B4260    
        Hereford A465 - Abergavenny/Y Fenni, Brecon/Aberhonddu A40 - Merthyr Thydfil A465 - Newport/Casnewydd A4042 A40 A465 A4042 Go to A465  

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