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Wendlebury - Winchester

  Lanes   Exit Direction Wendlebury (Read Up) Direction Winchester (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  9 The MIDLANDS, Northampton, Banbury M40 - Bicester, Aylesbury A41 - London M40   M40 E05 A41 Go to M40  
        Middleton Stoney B430 B430   E05
        Family Farm services Family Farm services     E05
        Bletchingdon, Heathfield, Islip B4027 B4027   E05
          Kidlington     E05
        Ring Road, Oxford, Evesham A44, Cheltenham (A40), Peartree services Oxford, Evesham A44, London, Cheltenham (A40), Peartree services A44   E05
        Wytham, Godstow       E05
        Oxford, Swindon, Bristol A420 A420 Go to A420 E05
        Stanley Close     E05
      Westminster College       E05
        North Hinksey, Botley Cemetery, Tennis Club, Oxford RFC     E05
        South Hinksey & Golf Club     E05
        Ring Road, Oxford (A4144) Ring Road A423, London (A40, M40), Reading (A4074) A4074 A4183   E05
          Bingdon (North) A4183 A4183   E05
        Abingdon, Witney A415 Abingdon A415, Wantage (A338) A415   E05
        On-ramp       E05
        Steventon, Drayton, Milton, Didcot A4130, Didcot services Chilton, Milton, Didcot, Wantage A4130 (A417), Didcot services A4130   E05
        Wantage A4185 (A417)   A4185   E05
          Chilcot services     E05
        Waste Transfer Station, West Ilsley, The Ridgeway     E05
          East Ilsley, Compton     E05
        East Ilsley, West Ilsley, Compton       E05
          On-ramp     E05
          Beedon, Chieveley     E05
      13   (M4) Chieveley, Chieveley services M4 E30 Go to M4 E05
          M4 E30   E05
      13 (M4) Chieveley, Chieveley services   M4 E30 Go to M4 E05
          Newbury A339, Thatcham (A4) A339   E05
        Hungerford, Newbury A4 A4 B4000   E05
        Highclere, Wash Common A343   E05
        Burghclere, Newtown B4640, Tot Hill services B4640   E05
        Whitway, Burghclere, Highclere, Kingsclere       E05
        Litchfield, Whitchurch, Dunley, Woodcott Litchfield, Whitchurch     E05
        Whitchurch, Overton, Tufton (B3400)       E05
      Tufton, Warren - Firgo     E05
        Andover, Basingstoke A303, Salisbury (A343) Andover, Basingstoke A303, Salisbury (A343), Stockbridge A30 A303 A30 Go to A303 E05
        Sutton Scotney services Sutton Scotney services     E05
        Salisbury A30 Winchester B3420 A272 B3420   E05
      Basingstoke A33 (A30)   A33   E05
9   Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth M3 - Southampton (A33), Winchester, Petersfield A272, Alton, Alresford (A31) - Basingstoke M3 M3 E05 A272 Go to M3  

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