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Thanet Way

Faversham - Minster

  Lanes   Exit Direction Faversham (Read Up) Direction Minster (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
          M2 Go to M2  
      7 Faversham, Canterbury, Dover, Channel Tunnel A2 Canterbury, Dover, Channel Tunnel A2 A2 Go to A2  
        Goodnestone, Staplestreet Goodnestone, Graveney, Staplestreet, Hernhill      
        Dargate, Graveney, Thanet Way services Yorkletts, Dargate, Waterham, Thanet Way services      
          Whitstable (B2205), Canterbury (A290) A2990    
        Pilgrims Lane        
        Whitstable (B2205), Canterbury (A290)   A290    
        Chestfield Tunnel 320m Chestfield Tunnel 320m      
          Canterbury A291, Herne Bay A291 A2990    
        Canterbury (A291), Herne Bay, Sturry Beltinge, Broomfield B2205    
        Hillborough, Reculver, Hoath, Chislet      
        St Nicholas-at-Wade      
      Canterbury A28 - Margate A28 A28    
      Monkton - Canterbury A253 (A28), Sarre A253    
        Minster - Ramsgate A299, Broadstairs (A256) - Birchington, Acol, Manston, Kent Intl Airport & Business Park A299 B2048    

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