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Dover Road

London - Rochester

  Lanes   Exit Direction London (Read Up) Direction Rochester (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
    A102 Go to A102  
      Central London, Peckham A2 Central London, Peckham, Greenwich A2 A2 A207    
        Local traffic      
  Kidbrooke A2213 A2213    
      South Circular A205, Lewisham (A20), Woolwich South Circular A205, Lewisham (A20) A205 B3006    
      Well Hall Tunnel 156m Well Hall Tunnel 156m      
      Falconwood, Local traffic        
      Bexleyheath, Sidcup A221, Blackfen (A210) A210 A221    
    Local traffic      
      Crayford, Bexley (A223), Bexleyheath Town centre (A220) Bexleyheath Town centre (A220), Crayford, Bexley (A223) A220 A223    
    Foots Cray, Bexley A2018, Wilmington Dartford A2018, Wilmington A2018    
    M25 (S), (M23), Dartford (A225) - (M25 (N), M11, M1) City Airport, ExCel, Dartford Crossing A282 Dover, Channel Tunnel (M20), Gatwick Airport, Dartford Crossing M25 M25 A282 E15 Go to M25-A282  
    Greenhithe, Bluewater, Bean B255 B255    
    Northfleet, Gravesend (W) (A2260), Ebbsfleet International Station B259    
    Pepperhill B262, Longfield (B260)   B262    
    Gravesend (C), Wrotham & Services A227 A227    
    Gravesend (E)      
    Services Services      
    Cobham, Shorne      
      M2 Go to M2  

Faversham - Barham

  Lanes   Exit Direction Faversham (Read Up) Direction Barham (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      London M2 - Faversham A2 - Whitstable, Herne Bay, Ramsgate A299   M2 A299 A2 Go to M2, Go to A299  
          Boughton, Dunkirk      
        Dunkirk, Boughton        
        Gate services        
        Chartham Hatch        
          Upper Hurbledown, Chartham Hatch      
          Canterbury, Hurbledown (A28) A2050    
        Canterbury, Ashford A28   A28    
        Canterbury A2050   A2050    
        Bishopsbourne, Bridge, Kingston, Barham Kingston, Barham, Bishopsbourne      
          Local access      
        Old Elmstead Lane        
          Channel Tunnel, Folkestone A260, Aylesham, Wingham B2046 A260 B2046    
        Channel Tunnel, Folkestone A260, Aylesham, Wingham (B2046)        

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