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Catthorpe - Felixstowe

  Lanes   Exit Direction Catthorpe (Read Up) Direction Felioxstove (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  Catthorpe - The NORTH WEST, Birmingham, Coventry (M6) - The NORTH (M1) - Swinford   M1 E13 M6 E24 A1023 Go to M1, Go to M6  
      1 Welford A5199 A5199   E24
      2 Market Harborough, Northampton A508 A508   E24
      3 Leicester, Market Harborough, Desborough A6 Market Harborough, Desborough, Rothwell A6 A6 B576   E24
      4 Rothwell   B669   E24
      5 Rothwell Lodge Farm Rothwell Lodge Farm & Services     E24
      6 Rothwell Grange & Farm, The Woodland Hospital Rothwell Grange & Farm     E24
      7 Stamford, Corby, Kettering A43 A43 A4300   E24
      8 Kettering (W), Northampton, (M1 South) A43 A43 A6103   E24
      9 Wellingborough, Kettering (S) A509 A509   E24
      10 Kettering, Bedford A6 A6 A6003   E24
      11 Wellingborough A510 A510   E24
      12 Corby A6116 A6116   E24
      13 Wellingborough, Northampton A45, Peterborough A605 A45 A605   E24
        Farm and Plant Depot       E24
    14 Titchmarsh     E24
      Coales Lodge     E24
    15 Keyston B663 - Bythorn, Molesworth B663 B663   E24
      Farm access     E24
      16 Kimbolton, Old Weston B660, RAF Molesworth Old Weston, Kimbolton B660 B660   E24
    17 Leighton Bromswold     E24
        Catworth Farm       E24
      18   Spaldwick, Stow Longa, Barham     E24
      18 Spaldwick, Stow Longa, Barham       E24
    19 Easton     E24
    19A Wooley     E24
      20 Ellington, Grafham Water     E24
      Farm & Depot Farm access     E24
  21 London A1 - Brampton Hut services - The NORTH, Peterborough A1 A1 E15 Go to A1 E24
      22 Brampton B1514 Huntingdon, Brampton B1514 B1514   E24
        Business Park       E24
23   Felixstowe, Harwich, Cambridge A14, Stansted Airport (M11) - March A141 - The NORTH, Peterborough (A1(M)) A14 A141 A14(M) Go to A14(M) E24
        A14(M) Go to A14(M) E24
      23 The MIDLANDS (M1(N), M6), Kettering, Corby A14, March A141 Huntingdon, March A141 A14 A141   E24
      24 Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Royston, Papworth A1198 Godmanchester, Papworth, Royston A1198 A1198 B1043   E24
      25 Hemingford Abbots, Services Hemingford Abbots     E24
          Hemingford Grey     E24
        Farm access       E24
      26 Biggleswade B1040, St Ives A1096 A1096 B1040   E24
        Garage only       E24
      27   Fenstanton     E24
      27 Fenstanton, Fen Drayton, Hilton Fen Drayton, Hilton, Conington     E24
          Services     E24
        Conington       E24
          Fen Drayton     E24
        Farm access       E24
      28 Cambridge, Boxworth, Elsworth, Swavesy, Over, Cambridge services Swavesy, Boxworth, Elsworth, Cambridge services     E24
          Services     E24
          Sewage Works     E24
          Farm access     E24
      28A Lolworth       E24
        Services       E24
      29 Bar Hill, Longstanton B1050, Superstore Earith, Bar Hill B1050, Superstore B1050   E24
      Slate Hall Farm     E24
  30 Cambridge, Dry Drayton, Oakington, Cottenham Dry Drayton, Oakington, Cottenham     E24
      31 London M11 - Bedford A428 London M11 - Cambridge (A1307) M11 A428 A1307 Go to M11, Go to A428 E24
      32 Cambridge B1049 B1049   E24
      33 Cambridge A1309, Ely A10 A10 A1309   E24
      34   Horningsea, Fen Ditton B1047 B1047   E24
      35 Cambridge A1303, Burwell (B1102) Newmarket, Cambridge A1303, Burwell (B1102) A1303 B1102   E24
        On-ramp   A1303   E24
      36 Harlow, London A11 (M11)   A11 Go to A11 E24
    Services Services     E24
  37 Newmarket, Ely A142 A142   E24
      38   Thetford, Norwich A11 A11 Go to A11 E24
      39 Newmarket B1506   B1506   E24
      40 Tuddenham, Cavenham, Barrow, Higham     E24
      41 Saxham, Risby, Saxham Business Park Little Saxham, Risby     E24
      42 Bury St Edmunds (W) A1302, Brandon B1106 A1302 B1106   E24
      43 Bury St Edmunds (C), Thetford A134, Diss A143 Bury St Edmunds (C) A134, Diss A143 A134 A143 A1302   E24
      44 Bury St Edmunds (E), Sudbury A134, Haverhill (A143) Bury St Edmunds (E), Sudbury A134 A134   E24
      45 Great Barton, Rougham, Rougham Industrial Estate     E24
        Nursery only Nursery only     E24
      46   Beyton, Thurston, Tostock, Drinkstone     E24
      46 Tostock, Beyton, Thurston, Hessett       E24
        On-ramp       E24
      47 Ixworth A1088 A1088   E24
      47A   Wetherden, Haughley Park, Haughley New Street     E24
      49 Stowmarket A1308, Haughley, Wetherden Stowmarket A1308, Haughley A1308   E24
      50 Stowmarket, Needham Market A1120, Backton (B1113) Stowmarket, Needham Market, Stowupland A1120, Backton (B1113) A1120   E24
      51 Diss, Norwich A140 (B1078) A140 B1078   E24
      52 Bramford, Great Blakenham B1113, Claydon B1113   E24
      53 Ipswich A1156 A1156   E24
      54 Sproughton, Sproughton Industrial Estate B1029   E24
      55 Colchester, Harwich A12, Ipswich West A1214 A12 E30 A1214 Go to A12 E24
      56 Ipswich Central A137 A1189   E30
        Orwell Bridge 1287m     E30
        Services       E30
      57 Ipswich A1189, Nacton A1189   E30
          Services     E30
      58 Ipswich (E) A1156, Lowestoft A12 Lowestoft, Woodbridge A12(N), Ipswich A1156 A12 A1156   E30
        On-ramp       E30
      59 Trimley villages, Kirton     E30
    60 Felixstowe town centre A154 A154   E30
      61   Dock Gate No. 2, Trinity Business Park A154 A154   E30
        Dock Gate No. 1, Seafront A154 E30    

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