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Great Chesterford - Newmarket

  Lanes   Exit Direction Great Chesterford (Read Up) Direction Newmarket (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      9 London, Stansted Airport M11   M11 Go to M11  
      9A Cambridge A1301, Saffron Walden B184, Newport (B1383) Cambridge A1301, Saffron Walden (B184) A1301 B184    
        Royston A505 (M11)   A505    
        Cambridge, Haverhill A1307 A1307    
        Worsted Lodge        
        Balsham, Fulbourn, Taversham      
        The Wilbrahams      
          Newmarket A1304 A1304    
      36   Norwich (A11), Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds A14 A14 E24 Go to A14  

Newmarket - Norwich

  Lanes   Exit Direction Newmarket (Read Up) Direction Norwich (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
      38 London (A11, M11), The MIDLANDS, Cambridge A14   A14 E24 Go to A14  
        Newmarket A1304   A1304    
          Fordham, Kentford B1085 B1085    
        Red Lodge, Fordham B1085 Red Lodge B1085 B1085    
    Barton Mills, Worlington Barton Mills      
    Bury St Edmunds A1101 - Norwich, Thetford A11 - Swaffham, Brandon A1165 - Mildenhall A1101 A11 A1165 A1101    
          U/C, open 2013  
        Elveden   U/C, open 2013  
      Brandon, Bury St Edmunds B1106 B1106 U/C, open 2013  
      Elveden     U/C, open 2013  
      Thetford - London, Newmarket A11   A11    
      Bury St Edmunds, Thetford - Brandon B1107 A134 B1107    
        Services Services      
      Diss, Thetford A1066 - Downham Market, King's Lynn A134 A134 A1066    
      Thetford A1075, Diss (A1066) - Watton, East Dereham A1075 A1075    
      The Heath      
          Private access      
        Private access        
        Watton, Garboldiham, East Harling B1111 B1111    
        Industrial areas, Snetterton cicuit, Market, ILPH      
        Shropham, Quidenham, Eccles Station      
      Attleborough - Gravel pits      
        Attleborough, Watton B1077 Attleborough, Watton, Diss B1077 B1077    
        Diss, Attleborough B1077   A1304    
        Services Services      
        Wymondham, Morley, Besthorpe, Spooner Row B1172 Wymondham, Besthorpe, Spooner Row B1172 B1172    
        Mulbarton B1135 B1135    
        Dereham, Wymondham B1135 Dereham, Hethersett, Wymondham B1135 B1135    
      Station Lane Hethersett      
  Great Yarmouth A47, Ipswich (A140), Lowestoft (A146) - Hethersett B1172 - Swaffham A47 A47 B1172 Go to A47  
    Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital      
  Cringleford, Eaton        

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