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Welser Autobahn

Haid - Wels

  Lanes   Exit-km Direction Wels (Read down) Direction Haid (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
    (0) Knoten Haid A1 E56 E552 Go to A1  
      9 Weißkirchen an der Traun L534   E552
        Traunbrücke     E552
    12 Marchtrenk, Wels-Ost 1   E552
    13 ÖBB-Terminal, Raststation Wels     E552
    17 Wels-Nord 137   E552
    (20) Knoten Wels A8 E55 E60 E552 Go to A8  

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See also: Verkehrsnotizen

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