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R8 North Luzon Expressway (NLE)

Quezon City - Tarlac

  Lanes   Exit-km Direction Tarlac (Read down) Direction Quezon City (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
    Quezon City R8 A26    
  9 Balintawak Cloverleaf Exit - Epifanio de los Santos Avenue C4 Go to C4 A26
  10 Quirino Highway Exit       A26
    11 Balintawak Toll Plaza     Toll station A26
  13 Navotas Exit C5 Go to C5, planned IC A26
  15 Valenzuela Exit   Toll A26
  16   Valenzuela Service Area (Caltex)     A26
  18 Lawang Bato Exit (future Canumay Exit)   Toll A26
  20 Meycauayan Exit   Toll A26
  22 Marilao Service Area (Petron)       A26
  23 Marilao Exit   Toll A26
  24 P. Jacinto Zamora IC C6 Go to C6, IC U/C A26
    26   Bocaue Toll Plaza   Toll station A26
  27 Bocaue Exit   Toll A26
  29   Bocaue Service Area (Petron)     A26
  31 Bocaue Service Area (Shell)       A26
  32 Tabang Spur Road Exit     Go to TSR A26
      36 Tabang Toll Plaza   Toll station A26
      38 Santa Rita Exit 5 A26 Toll  
      45 Pulilan Exit   Toll  
      46 Pulilan Service Area (Total)        
        Candaba Viaduct 5000m   Candaba Swamps  
      55 San Simon Service Area (Total)        
      57 San Simon Exit   Toll  
      62   San Fernando Service Area (Caltex)      
      65 San Fernando Exit   Toll  
      70 San Fernando Service Area (Petron)        
      72 Mexico Exit   Toll  
      76   Mexico Service Area (Shell)      
      80 Angeles Exit   Toll  
      82 Dau Toll Plaza   Toll station  
      83 Dau Exit      
      84 Clark Spur Road Exit CSR Go to CSR  
      88 Santa Ines Exit      
      91   Subic-Clark Expressway SCE Go to SCE  
        Sacobia-Bamban Bridge      
        Concepcion Exit      
        San Miguel Exit      
        Tarlac Exit      
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