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C6 Lakeshore Expressway (U/C)

Marilao - Cavite City

  Lanes   Exit-km Direction Cavite City (Read down) Direction Marilao (Read Up) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  0 Marilao Exit      
    5 Marilao Toll Plaza     Toll station  
  6 NLE - P. Jacinto Zamora IC R8 A26 Go to R8  
  7 Francisco Homes IC   Toll  
  10 Bigte Exit   Toll  
  13 Rodriguez Exit   Toll  
  14 San Mateo Exit   Toll  
  17 Antipolo Exit   Toll  
  18 Ortigas Exit     Toll  
  20 Angono Exit   Toll  
  22 Taytay Exit   Toll  
  29 Taguig Exit   Toll  
  31 Brittany Bay Exit   Toll  
  34 Alabang Exit   Toll  
  35 Susana Heights Exit R3 A26 Go to R3, Toll  
  38 Molino Exit   Toll  
  39 Bacoor Exit   Toll  
  42 Imus Exit   Toll  
  43 Kawit Exit   Toll  
  45 Noveleta Exit   Toll  
  46 Manila-Cavite Expressway IC R1 Go to R1  
    47   Cavite City Toll Plaza   Toll station  
  48 Cavite City Exit      
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