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Hubungan Pelabuhan Utara-Selatan / North-South Port Link

Teluk Gedong - North Port Klang

  Lanes   Exit Direction Teluk Gedong (Read Up) Direction North Port Klang (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
  18001 Teluk Gedong IC Go to FT181  
  18002   Pelabuhan Klang IC      
    Pelabuhan Klang Flyover      
  18002 Pelabuhan Klang IC        
    Railway Crossing      
    South Port Industrial Area   Intersections  
    Jambatan Pelabuhan Klang      
    Bandar Sultan Sulaiman Junction      
      North Port Junction Go to FT20  

Legend, Road signs
IC = Persimpangan Bertingkat
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Thanks to: Mohd. Hezery bin Hussin

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