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Terowong SMART / Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART)

Main Tunnel

Salak - KLMRR1

  Lanes   Exit Direction Salak (Read Up) Direction KLMRR1 (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
3801 Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Go to E37 KL-Seremban  
        Plaza Tol Terowong SMART   Toll station  
  Terowong SMART 4000m ends Terowong SMART 4000m begins      
3802   Terowong IC Go to E38 Sultan Ismail Tunnel  
  Terowong SMART 4000m begins Terowong SMART 4000m ends      
  Lebuhraya Lingkaran Tengah KL 1   Go KLMRR1  

Sultan Ismail Link Tunnel

Main Tunnel - KLIRR

  Lanes   Exit Direction Main Tunnel (Read Up) Direction KLIRR (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
3802 Terowong IC Go to E38 Main Tunnel  
  Terowong Hubungan Sultan Ismail begins Terowong Hubungan Sultan Ismail ends      
  Sultan Ismail-Kampung Pandai Link (Jalan Davis)   Go to Jalan Davis  

Legend, Road signs
IC = Persimpangan Bertingkat
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Thanks to: Mohd. Hezery bin Hussin

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