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九州横断自動車道・延岡線 (仮称) Kyushu Odan Expressway Nobeoka Line (temporary name)

熊本 Kumamoto - 延岡 Nobeoka

  Lanes   Exit Direction 熊本 Kumamoto (Read Up) Direction 延岡 Nobeoka (Read down) Slip road Notes _Also_as_
        嘉島JCT Kashima   Go to Kyushu Expwy  
        矢部IC Yabe   Planned  
        蘇陽IC Soyo   Planned  
        五ヶ瀬IC Gokase   Planned  
        高千穂IC Takachiho   Planned  
        日之影IC Hinokage   Planned  
        延岡北方IC Nobeoka-Kitakata   Planned  
        舞野 Maino    
        延岡IC/JCT Nobeoka   Go to Higashi Kyushu Expwy  
Legend, Road signs
IC = Interchange
JCT = Junction
PA = Parking Area
SA = Service Area
TG = Toll Gate
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